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Office Address

Suite K91, Road 5, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC,Lekki Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having an elderly person at home?

Home Care Preserves Health. Being able to live at home offers a sense of comfort and independence. Elderly care at home can also help patients maintain or even increase confidence levels. Living outside their homes can make a person feel defeated, helpless, or even bitter.

Why Home Care?

Home care allows for a more personal, one-on-one relationship with the caregiver. ... Seniors are able to remain as independent. In-home care is often less expensive. Being happy, content, stimulated, feeling safe and loved, being treated as the individual you are, having a say in your own care needs, and being listened to and respected, are above many other mental requirements.

What are the benefits of Ageing in place?

Aging in place tends to improve seniors' quality of life, which improves their physical health. It also insulates them from the bacterial and viral risks found in senior living facilities, reducing their chance of contracting a serious illness.

What are the advantages and benefits of home care?

Here are 11 advantages and benefits of home care: 1. Comfort 2. Personalized Care 3. Faster Recovery 4. One-on-one Attention 5. Cost Effectiveness 6. Peace of mind 7. Independence 8. Companionship 9. Family Involvement 10. Less Traveling

How can I track what care has been provided to my older adults?

Via Palmcare phone app, which will have daily uploaded reports of activities carried out by our caregivers.

Who employs and trains your nurses?

Our registered nurses are well qualified and undergo strict Palm-Care medical procedures and health status checks by our medical Director and his team, before joining the group. Our registered nurses are certified by nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria.

What if I don’t like my assigned Nurse / Caregiver?

: We assign Nurses / Caregivers based on service user’s unique needs. If the service user is not compatible, we will assign alternative one that best matches the Care Receiver’s taste.

What is the cost of care?

All Care receivers have unique care plans. The cost will be determined by the Plan Subscription indicated in the initial completed assessment form and by the Care Assessor during the initial visit. We will ensure that the high quality level of care justifies the cost charged to the Care receiver.

Will I always be able to reach the office?

We have an on-call staff that is ready to take your calls.

How soon does my care start?

We can provide care immediately after registration. As soon as a Care Assessor has made a first visit to the Care receiver, a subscription plan is drafted based on the unique needs of the service user and a nurse/helper is assigned. In emergencies, we can assign a one quicker than the stipulated time.

How do I know these nurses are professionals?

All nurses on our platform are qualified registered nurses, and registered with the Nursing Council of Nigeria. Their documentation is verified by confirming they are registered with the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria. We also have an added layer of quality assurance by assigning these nurses to a Family medicine Consultant who reviews their work physically at least twice a month to ensure they are doing the right things and making suggestions on areas of improvement if need be. These consultants can be anywhere as long as they have the consultant Palm-Care application on their mobile devices through which they review the reports of doctors assigned to them.

What happens if my nurse relocates or is not available

In the case of transfer or relocation of a nurse from one region to another or even just a vacation, Care receivers are assigned to another nurse either permanently or in the interim. The nurse has that service user’s entire history and does not miss a beat in terms of what has been done so far and other relevant parts of the patient’s history.

What does my subscription contract cover?

Palmcare is obliged to provide at least one free doctor visit at the start of the care plan to the parents or elderly loved and other visits will be on request for extra fee .All of our subscribers must be on payment of at least six month’s subscription. This provides access to – Access to Palmcare Platform  Online medical records  Real time health care tracking  Real time health expenses tracking  Palmcare mobile application

Can I pay using debit card?

Yes. All payment will be made online via pay stack

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Suite K91, Road 5, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC,Lekki Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria

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